“What lives in the heart
that inspires those
who inspires us?”

This is a literary and art community gathering to present inspired artists, poets, designers, and their works in conversation with the audience in a creative space. It includes live Q&A with a featured guest, curated readings, music and visual art display.

The Origin of “The Heart of The Muse”

The Heart of The Muse is the mystical center of creativity and inspiration that lies within what we may identify as our “muse”. It is the generative intelligence exhibited in poetry and verse, in artistic and architectural design, in the elegance of computer code, or in song. It comes from some place inspired, beyond the conscious mind of the poet, artist or musician. The heart of the muse is best exemplified by the poem or verse that “writes itself” or “comes through” the poet—the oracle of the written “truth.”

Founded in 2010 by author and haiku poet, Amos White, the salon was co-hosted by Books Inc. in Alameda, California. In 2015, the forum returned as “Bread and Wine at the Heart of The Muse.”

Click to hear our first Poetry Reading.

The Heart of the Muse is a creative arts forum in the San Francisco Bay Area, presenting inspired artists and their works to the public. Contact us about presenting or attending.