What is the program?

The Heart of the Muse is an artist’s forum that presents at least one featured poet, author or artist. The Featured artist presents one piece, and is then answers questions from the host and audience. Other artists are invited ahead of time to read or present pieces that reflect on the featured artist or theme. (Questions may flow at any time.) Occasionally, an open mic may follow the hosted discussion.

Who can read at The Heart of the Muse?

Some of the finest Bay Area poets, authors, and artists are invited to share their work at The Heart of the Muse. New and emerging poets may occasionally be invited to share their work of inspiration.

How do you choose the Featured Poet, Author or Artist?

Inspiration comes from many sources. Creatives who produce literary, visual, performance or culinary works that are a source of inspiration to others may be invited to feature at Heart of the Muse. The producers sometimes invite other artists to co-curate.

If you would like to be considered as a feature, contact us.