AMOS WHITE founded Heart of the Muse in 2011. He is an award winning American haiku poet and author of The Sound of the Web: Haiku and Poetry on Facebook and Twitter. He is recognized for his vivid imagery and breathless interpretations, which are served generously and often on his Facebook Page.

Amos was a Finalist in the NPR National Cherry Blossom Haiku Contest 2013, received First Place  in “The Witt Literary Journal” Haiku Writing Contest, and has had works published in Area 17, Bones Journal, Brass Bell, Oakland Review, San Francisco BayView, Wittenberg Review and World Haiku Association Anthology.

In addition to hosting The Heart of the Muse, Amos serves on the boards of Bay Area Generations: a reading series for the generations and Rhythmix Cultural Works. He is a member of Alameda Island Poets and an active reader at many San Francisco Bay Area poetry groups and events.

Amos lives in the city of Alameda, California and sometimes in Imperia, Italy, where he can be found making olive oil and growing red wine grapes to fuel his inspiration.

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KRISTEN CAVEN is a creative and literary artist and professional who enjoys blending disciplines and pushing boundaries. She has authored or co-authored seven books and writes plays and musicals.

At 22, Kristen held her first solo art exhibition and won both the Ardella Mills Essay Prize and the Bay Guardian Cartoon contest. She has been featured in The Monthly and The Montclarion, and her literary works have been published in Rudolf’s Diner, Doorknobs and Body Paint, Synchronized Chaos, Full of Crow and The Sophisticate. She and Amos met as members of the California Writers Club. When he said, “poetry will save the world,” she nearly burst into song.

Kristen believes good conversation creates strong communities and helps humanity. Her city-wide reading group, The Zorgos Project, for example, empowers parents to end bullying and punishment dynamics. Learn more about her products, projects, presentations and productions at or at Generous Muse.