The Heart of the Muse

what inspires those who inspire us?

SALON: Bread & Wine

A moving and inspiring evening at The Heart of The Muse, edition 001-2015 at Rhythmix Cultural Works in Alameda. An engaging artist and audience discussion opened our Bread and Wine salon with a resounding success. Thank you to J. K. Fowler, MK Chavez, Gina Goldblatt, and Paul Corman-Roberts for your poetic contributions, and Eric Niemann for your bold art pieces.

Gina Goldblatt reads

Continue reading “SALON: Bread & Wine”

POETRY FORUM: Ecstatic Melange

Come hear Bay Area poet, Kit Kennedy read from her latest work and share her inspiration for poetic creativity and inspiring insight into the heart of everyday life. Continue reading “POETRY FORUM: Ecstatic Melange”

POETRY FORUM: Poet Insight

February’s The Heart of the Muse poetry reading left us slack-jawed as John Rowe shared the depths of his poetic sensibility with the audience. More Info Continue reading “POETRY FORUM: Poet Insight”

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